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JAXX wallet for converting and storing cryptocurrencies

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JAXX wallet for converting and storing cryptocurrencies

The autumn sharp jump in the value of popular denominations of cryptocurrencies once again proved the effectiveness of this financial instrument for investment and keeping its assets from inflation. So, anyone can choose and purchase a specific type of electronic money today. At the same time, you can not only exchange your real money for crypto at the rate using a special exchange, but even earn decent money on golem wallet platform, which will pay the user for the unused power of his computer. To do this, you need to register (create) a personal virtual wallet and the best suitable option is a JAXX wallet, which:

  • Represents a universal multi-currency storage facility for crypto money.
  • Created and successfully operating after making a number of improvements since 2014, which proves its reliability.
  • Has an increased level of security.

The functionality of the exchange office is integrated into the wallet program. This allows you to exchange real money for the desired cryptocurrency denomination and vice versa. The individual wallet key is kept exclusively by the owner; it is possible to copy it for storage in the memory of a PC, phone or on a flash card.

Key benefits of JAXX wallet

The JAXX version of the wallet does not require downloading, it runs in an online format from anywhere in the world - the only condition is that the device being used is connected to the Internet. The interface is specially designed in a simplified format, and the functionality is logically understandable for management by ordinary users. There are 3 major versions:

  1. Desktop - for PCs with MAC and Windows.
  2. Browser - has a Chrome extension.
  3. Mobile - adapted to work with Android and iOS.

You can install a suitable version through the official website of the developers. To register a personal wallet, you will need to step by step follow all the recommendations of the installer wizard. You can use the wallet through any device using a personal key.

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