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Overhaul and maintenance of pump injectors: what are the differences

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Overhaul and maintenance of pump injectors: what are the differences

According to the manufacturers' statements, the service life of the unit injectors should be equal to the service life of the engine. But only on condition that high-quality and clean fuel is used. In our reality, the condition is hardly feasible, often due to impurities in the fuel, parts wear out faster, bringing pump injector repair . Due to their original quality and reliability, in most cases, it is possible to completely restore the functions of the mechanisms and avoid replacement.

Inspection and troubleshooting

It all starts corny - with diagnostics. The test is carried out on a special non-measuring test bench, which allows you to test the mechanism in the modes in which it operates on the engine. After checking, auto mechanics receive a test plan, which is used to judge the presence of problems in the operation of the fuel system.

If the unit injector does not correspond to the operating parameters, the next step will be disassembly and search for defects.

What can fail

When diagnostics show that the unit injector is defective, the problem is most likely in the following mechanisms:

  • valve assembly (most common failure)
  • spray
  • electromagnetic elements
  • plunger pair
  • springs or housing (this may be very rare).

What does the current repair of unit injectors mean

If the geometry of the parts is preserved and the key mechanisms do not need to be replaced, you can do with the usual repairs. It includes the following actions:

  1. Dismantling and troubleshooting of sprayers, bodies and other components.
  2. Cleaning parts.
  3. Restoring the spool valve, adjusting its stroke.
  4. Removal of working out in the building.
  5. Adjusts the injection pressure of the atomizer.
  6. Replacing worn-out items and consumables.
  7. Assembling the unit injector.
  8. Testing at the stand.
  9. Adjusting the fuel injection.
  10. Adjusting the feed time (Begin of Injection Period signal).

Test reports before and after repairs are issued to the client.

What is included in the overhaul

During the complete restoration of the mechanics:

  1. Disassemble the unit injectors and assess the condition of the parts.
  2. Clears all components.
  3. Reconstructs the plug seat and cylindrical bore geometry.
  4. A new spool valve is being selected and installed.
  5. Adjusts the stroke of the spool valve.
  6. Replace the nebulizer (if necessary).
  7. Adjusts the injection pressure of the atomizer.
  8. Replace the repair kit.
  9. Assemble the mechanism.
  10. Testing at the stand.
  11. Adjusts the amount of injected fuel.
  12. Check and adjust filing times.

The types of repairs are somewhat different and, of course, complex restoration will cost more. Therefore, car service specialists turbosto.com.ua It is recommended to follow simple rules that preserve the resource of the pump injectors: refuel with high-quality fuel, change the oil on time and not overheat the engine.

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