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Universal step drills for metal

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Universal step drills for metal

In technological processes where machine tools are used for processing (manufacturing final parts, products) of metals by cutting, such a cutting tool as a drill is often used. Made of especially strong and heat-resistant grades of alloys, it allows you to make holes with high accuracy:

  • A defined diameter.
  • Through format or blind to the desired depth.

To increase the productivity of the drilling process, step drills for metal, which are cutting conical tool. They are used both in the in-line (mass) production process and at the household level. One such drill can replace a whole set (from 4 to 15).

Schematic diagram of the step drill design

The design of the step drill is based on the principle of the device of its dimensional standard counterparts. Shank for fixing in the chuck of a machine or drill (6 - 12 mm), tip, spiral channels for chip removal. The conical shape is a set of steps, each of which has a certain diameter. The larger the hole is needed, the higher (from the tip to the shank) is the cutter for its manufacture. For ease of use:

  • Each step is marked with its dimensional parameter.
  • The shank is made according to generally accepted international standards.

Such versatility of the stepped drill introduced certain adjustments and difficulties in its application in practice. Use in a drilling machine implies the obligatory pre-setting of the chuck lowering depth lock when performing a drilling operation. With a drill, things are even more complicated. It will take certain skills and concentration in order to drill a hole of the desired diameter.

Step drills for metal belong to the category of professional tools, but it will not be superfluous to have one or more of these products at home for household and repair work. They are made of high-quality steel grades (“quick cutters”, diamond coating or special hardening of the input cutters). When buying, you should take into account the specifics of use, the classification is carried out according to the principle similar to conventional (dimensional) drills - metal, concrete or wood. The algorithm for using a stepped drill is practically no different from the standard drilling technology. You can find quality products that meet the dimensional parameters from large suppliers that provide guarantees of originality.

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