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Turning works of any complexity with a quality guarantee

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Turning works of any complexity with a quality guarantee

Metal cutting and manufacturing of finished parts using turning equipment are in high demand, and the development of an alternative to this technology is not foreseen in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, progress is steadily moving forward and modern lathes are:

  • Multifunctional devices with which you can perform an impressive list of operations.
  • Equipment characterized by high precision and reliability.

It is with such lathes of the latest generation that the production workshops of Phoenix LLC are equipped (the official website address is https://fenixcnc.ru/uslugi/tokarnye-raboty.html ). They are serviced by highly qualified workers, and the production technology and control over the performance of work are carried out by full-time engineering and technical personnel.

Accept orders for turning work

The Phoenix enterprise accepts orders for the manufacture of final parts using turning equipment from customers. Production can be carried out in both large and small batches. The customer provides his own drawings of the part necessary for manufacturing with a detailed technical description or a sample, according to which a technological map will be made in the engineering department of the company. Orders for manufacturing are accepted for work:

  • Parts of cylindrical or conical configuration.
  • Products with threaded internal or external threads.
  • Rolling corrugations.
  • Products with a specified surface finish.

Additional service - repair or restoration groove of shafts of motors and mechanisms. At the same time, work is carried out with blanks of any steel grades, including especially strong or heat-resistant ones, as well as soft (brittle) alloys of non-ferrous metals.

You can get more detailed information and familiarize yourself with examples of those performed at the Phoenix enterprise (St. Petersburg) using high-tech lathes on the company's official website. For a personal consultation of clients, the manager's "Order a call" option is provided. An application for manufacturing is submitted through the Internet resource with the attachment of documentation and drawings necessary for the manufacture of a part in electronic form.

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