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Sheet metal supplies

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Sheet metal supplies

In various industries, sheet metal is widely used. It is the basis for the production of various blocks, elements, installations. If you need to buy metal sheet in any quantity, you can contact specialists of the company "Profi-torg". They offer rolled steel and other products in any volume at competitive prices.

What types of sheet can I buy?

Steel sheets of different grades are available for ordering. You can order both hot-rolled and cold-rolled, and corrugated sheet. One of the most popular types is hot-rolled sheet. It is used both in finished form and as a raw material for processing into other types of rolled steel. The main field of operation is construction, mechanical engineering and other types.

Cold-rolled sheet is not much inferior in popularity to hot-rolled sheet. It has an approximate thickness of 0.35-5mm. May contain a small amount of scale on the surface. In addition to shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, it is also used in the production of household appliances. Corrugated sheet is used for walls and floors. It belongs to the varieties of flat products.

Where can I buy quality sheet metal?

The cost of rolled sheets depends on such factors as the type and method of production. The amount of ordered rental also plays a role. The current price list can be found on the website of the company's online store. The website of the company "Profi-torg" presents a wide selection of sheet metal, which can be bought for specific goals and objectives. The quality of the products remains at a high level. The company's specialists will help you choose steel products of different sizes of your choice. They will advise on the registration of the purchase of sheet metal and its delivery.

Wholesale buyers can count on discounts. Buying products in bulk, you can significantly save on the purchase. If necessary, you can place an order with delivery. To clarify the terms of cooperation and details of the order, you can contact the managers of the company.

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