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Glass for furniture and interiors to order

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Glass for furniture and interiors to order

Glass is not only an excellent building material, allowing sunlight to enter rooms through windows, while completely isolating them:

  1. From heat or cold.
  2. From noise and wind.

Since its invention, it has received a second appointment. The use of furniture as a structural element (sashes of sideboards, bookcases, showcases and shelving) allowed designers to develop entire areas in furniture production. Just look at the pages of the catalog https://steklo-kom.ru/ of STEKLO KOM ”, which manufactures a wide variety of glass items to see for yourself. You should also add the possibility of using glass to decorate and increase the comfort of using sanitary rooms:

  • Production of shower cabins.
  • Bathroom screen

In general, glass to some extent surrounds modern man almost everywhere. And perhaps its only drawback is its fragility. Any glass (unless it is armored or shockproof) can break when exposed to external physical loads of a certain force. The strength of a glass product depends on its thickness and surface area. In the store, finding a replacement for the desired part (for example, cabinet doors, shower panels) will definitely not work. Specialists of the STEKLO KOM company will help to solve the problem.

Consultation and ordering through the company's website

You can get advice on the manufacture of an element (product) from glass of given dimensional parameters through the STEKLO KOM website. Access to the resource is free and does not require any prior registration. The technologist of the enterprise in the chat format or by phone (the numbers are indicated on the main page of the resource) will answer all the questions that have arisen and determine the possibility of manufacturing the desired product. As a rule, the availability of high-tech equipment and the professionalism of employees allow us to take on even the most complex orders. Terms and cost are negotiated in advance individually with each client.

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