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Which hydraulic motor to buy: Parker hydraulic motors

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Which hydraulic motor to buy: Parker hydraulic motors

Buying a hydraulic motor from the Parker manufacturer is worth it due to its high efficiency, service life . The range of hydraulic motors includes various devices. Series TN, TF are non-adjustable hydraulic motors. Variable axial piston hydraulic motors are available in the V12, V14 and T12 series.

Features of fixed hydraulic motors

  • High level of efficiency is ensured by a switchable zero-leakage valve.
  • The vane rotor ensures no friction and minimizes the risk of internal leakage, for efficient operation throughout the entire service life.
  • The design features a proprietary shaft seal that eliminates the need for check valves and additional piping.
  • It is possible to choose the displacement, flange and shaft options for a specific task.

The non-adjustable hydraulic motors range from 5 to 750 rpm. The maximum oil flow is 100 l/min. The devices can withstand pressures up to 100 bar. The torque is 900 Nm, the side load is 16,000 N. They are distinguished by full cooling, which occurs with a fluid flow. The shaft has high pressure seals. Models are characterized by high starting torque. They are resistant to large lateral loads.

Variable hydraulic motors

The devices of this series are designed for mobile machines, transmissions with open and closed circuits. In particular, the V14 series is suitable for installation on excavators, forestry machines, mining, wheel loaders, winch drives.

Working pressure 420 bar, short-term increase up to 480 bar possible. Light weight, multilayer piston rings, compact dimensions of rotating elements allow the units to operate at high speeds. The design includes 9 pistons, providing high torque and smooth operation of the motor.

It is possible to buy a hydraulic motor in ISO version, with cartridge and SAE. The possibility of installing additional valves for various tasks is available. The durability and reliability of the hydraulic motor is ensured by a forced piston connection, a powerful synchronizing shaft, high reliability bearings and a small number of structural elements.

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