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Filter kits for excavators

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Filter kits for excavators

Even in the scheme of a classic passenger car with a gasoline engine, four filter elements are provided at once - oil, air, fuel and cabin filters. And each of them requires regular replacement and must comply with the parameters (type, dimensions, throughput characteristics) established by a specific manufacturer for a given brand of machine. One can only imagine how problematic it is to select filters for special equipment (for example, excavators or graders), which :

  • In addition to the usual systems, it has additional hydraulics, pneumatics and control circuits.
  • Works in difficult conditions with increased loads.
  • Requires regular maintenance with the replacement of all filter elements.

Given that this technique is in most cases produced by foreign companies, the search for analog filters to replace becomes a significant problem. Fortunately, it can be solved with the help of the KIT FILTERS company, which carries out a centralized supply to the domestic market of this type of consumables and components from manufacturers.

Selection via vendor directory

To independently select the necessary filters, the supplier has implemented an integrated approach. Filter elements are presented in sets for a specific type of special equipment. It is enough for the client to indicate in the search line of the catalog the type, brand and year of manufacture, for example, of an excavator, an autonomous diesel generator or a mini loader. The kit will be:

  • Include all filter elements required for maintenance.
  • Consist of products that fully meet the requirements of the manufacturer of this model of special equipment.

The client will only have to make a purchase and order the delivery of the kit to the desired address. If, when making an independent choice, it was not possible to find the desired set or the products presented are in doubt, you should contact a technical specialist for advice. It is carried out in an online format directly on the site or by phone (numbers are indicated on the main page of the resource) completely free of charge.

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