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Auto chemicals for body protection and car interior care

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Auto chemicals for body protection and car interior care

Surely, many motorists are familiar with the feeling when, after a high-quality car wash, it seems that, as if in gratitude, the car "went more cheerful and more cheerful." Joking aside, such an expensive type of property as a car requires careful maintenance and you can only perform some procedures on your own. And you can find the necessary autochemistry here https://exist.ua/masla-zhidkosti -avtohimija/ in the online store of the direct supplier of Exist.ua.

What should be purchased without fail

The paintwork of the car body, which sparkles so pleasantly after washing, is under enormous stress - temperature changes, dust, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, winter reagents and precipitation. The microscopic film of wax coating will prolong its shine and brightness for years to come. For this you will need:

  • Car shampoo with wax - if you can wash yourself.
  • Wax polish - it can simply be applied as a protective layer, the only condition is a clean surface.

Another misfortune of summer domestic roads is bitumen melted in the heat to a liquid state. It "tightly" eats into the paintwork and with inept cleaning, you can simply scratch the body. Bituminous stain cleaner should be in the trunk of every car owner in the summer. The fact is that the stains must be cleaned as soon as possible, or the bitumen may be absorbed too deeply.

Now about the salon. Of course, you can wash the plastic with a sponge and soapy water. But, to give it the shine and brightness inherent in new cars, only special auto chemicals will allow. Plastic polish will help hide minor defects and scratches.

Various additives in the engine oil or fuel system will help improve performance in terms of power and economy. Their choice should be approached especially carefully and study the instructions for use. Source - Exist.ua for each name of additives presented on the pages of the catalog, this is verified information that fully complies with the technical parameters declared by the manufacturer.

You can get acquainted with the types of auto chemicals and purchase the necessary products directly on the site. Making a purchase and ordering delivery to the address specified by the client are carried out online. For consultation, there is an option to contact the manager, who will help you make the right choice and answer all the questions that the client has. For all items of goods without exception, a guarantee of originality and quality is provided.

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