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Cup holders of the Elektrokabel plant recognized as artistic value

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Cup holders of the Elektrokabel plant recognized as artistic value

Kolchugino (Vladimir region)

Products manufactured under the Kolchuginsky cupronickel brand are officially recognized as artistic value. Cup holders with more than 120 years of history, as well as other tableware are produced at the Elektrokabel plant (part of the Cable Alliance Holding, which unites the cable assets of UMMC).

The special status of folk craft products of the Kolchuginsky trademark cupronickel "was confirmed by the artistic expert council under the administration of the Vladimir region.

" The process of obtaining this status is very long and laborious. At the first stage, it was necessary to recognize the city of Kolchugino as the territory of the traditional existence of the art craft “casting and forging metal”. The next step was the expert confirmation of the artistic merit of specific samples of Kolchuginsky cupronickel products. This list includes 59 of our products: from cup holders to cutlery, "explained Vladislav Tretyak, Head of Consumer Goods Sales at Cable Alliance Holding.

The conclusion of regional experts is the basis for recognizing the artistic value of handicrafts "Kolchuginsky cupronickel" at the federal level. The package of documents required for this will soon be sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Tableware, cutlery and other copper products of mass demand have been produced in Kolchugino since the end of the 19th century. Cup holders occupy a special place in the product line. They became widespread thanks to the founder of the Kolchuginsky plant, Alexander Georgievich Kolchugin, who established their mass production. In 1892, cup holders came into use on the railway at the initiative of the Minister of Railways Sergei Witte. The metal coasters made it possible to carry hot tea without the risk of scalding and made the glasses stable. Products under the brand name "Kolchuginsky cupronickel" are used in long-distance trains to this day.

Cup holders are not just an invariable attribute of railway travel - they are one of the symbols of Russia, along with matryoshka and balalaika. The process of their manufacture includes more than one and a half dozen stages. Although mass production, it is conveyorless: most of the technological operations are performed manually. The engraver brings the artistic component and uniqueness to each product. The general outline is created using computer technology, but the nuances of the image are worked out manually.

“No modern technology can replace the experience of the engraver, his artistic taste and ability to feel metal. This gives our products uniqueness and unique flavor. Cup holders are a kind of chronicle that captures the symbols of different eras and significant events that can be used to track the course of history, "says Vladimir Kozin, head of the consumer goods department at EKZ JSC.

The Kolchuginsky product line cupronickel ”includes more than 300 types of cup holders, 13 collections of cutlery in various designs, as well as other dishes and accessories. The use of high-quality materials, compliance with GOST, adherence to traditions and a modern approach allows Kolchuginsky Cupronickel to maintain a leading position in the market.

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