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"Severstal" has implemented a digital double for the optimization of business processes

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"Severstal" together with SAP and PwC implemented a digital double
the business processes using the technology process to optimize miig
procurement, management of external logistics vehicles and
management of master data (creation of cards of contractors and master records

Aggregating data from various it systems of the company, technology process miig
provides a complete picture of business processes, simplifies the search is inefficient
places and opportunities for optimization and automation. It helps to create an
interactive digital double of the real process, which you can see all
operations and to trace the relationship between the actions that
have made users. As a platform for this decision "Severstal"
chose SAP Process Miig by Celois. The system helps to calculate the
business cases and make decisions, what processes require improvement. Results
optimization actions can be presented in interactive reporting,
which is formed in real time in the form desbordes.

SAP Process Miig by Celois was adapted to the
business objectives of Severstal in the area of procurement, logistics and management
the master data, as well as best practices and international experience of PwC's use of
technology process miig. The system not only includes the preconfigured dashboards
according to a pre-prepared script of the analysis process, but also the notification system
using predictive Analytics based on machine learning models. In
particular, we developed a model predicting disruption of supplies, which account for
more than 30 parameters, for example, material, vendor, number of cycles
approval of the purchase order, the number of transfers date of delivery to the more than
late period and others. The result is disruption of supply is projected with an accuracy of
more than 90%.

"Efficient and transparent business processes- this is a good start to achieve
the strategic objectives and the implementation of new digital solutions. In just 14 months.
the joint efforts of our internal team and PwC, we were able to implement
system, which allows real-time to analyze and optimize the
procurement process, supplier management, external logistics vehicles and
master-data. Among the Russian steel companies is the first project
this magnitude. We plan to scale SAP Process Miig by Celois in
other tasks, adding new capabilities of machine learning for control
processes in real time", - said Dmitry Sakhno, Director of
sales of raw materials and procurement at Severstal.

"the portfolio of our SAP products Process Miig by Celois has a special
place and is popular with companies from all industries. This tool
allows you to locate bottlenecks in processes and due to this quickly
to respond to abnormal situations, to reduce inefficient operations, and to monitor
beyond that, whether the actions of employees with corporate policies and
standards. The solution helps to look for "growth points" in any business unit.
whether it is HR, procurement, logistics or sales," commented Alex
Leontovich, Deputy General Director of SAP CIS.

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