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The alley of the 35th anniversary of BMZ appeared in Zhlobin.

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On October 18, in Zhlobin, in the Five Elements park, employees and business partners of OJSC BMZ - the managing company of the BMK holding - laid the alley of the 35th anniversary of BMZ. Planting trees became one of the events to celebrate the company's birthday.

On the same day, metallurgists gathered for a gala evening at the Metallurgists' Palace of Culture to honor the best of the plant workers. For conscientious work, professional skill, significant personal contribution to the development of metallurgical production, 19 BMZ employees were awarded certificates and commendations from the Ministry of Industry, the Belarusian Association of Industrial Enterprises, the Gomel regional and Zhlobin district executive committees and the Council of Deputies. The plant's management also awarded BMZ diplomas to 11 more of its best employees. The gala evening ended with musical congratulations from Belarusian pop artists and festive fireworks.

It is worth noting that the start of the celebration on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the plant was given on October 15, on this day in 1984 the first Belarusian steel was smelted at BMZ ... Traditionally, the metallurgists began the celebration of the company's birthday with a rally at the bust of the first director of the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, D.L. Akopov. The workers and veterans of the enterprise gathered to honor the memory of the man under whose leadership the plant was built. By the way, for the latter, on a holiday at BMZ, an action "And back in the ranks!" Was organized. Within its framework, everyone could visit the divisions in which they worked before retirement, communicate with friends and colleagues.

It is symbolic that it was on October 15 at BMZ that the Day of the Young Specialist was held with the solemn signing of the "Golden Contract" and the dedication to metallurgists of the guys who were employed at the enterprise this year.

A separate item of the festive program was the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the electric steel-making shop No.1, which started the history of BMZ in 1984. To remember these significant events and to mark the people who stood at the source of the history of steel and those who are creating it now, the workers and veterans of the workshop gathered in the assembly hall of the BMZ. They received congratulations from the management of the plant, as well as well-deserved awards.

One cannot but mention the unusual gift that the Metallurgtorg unitary enterprise prepared for the birthday of BMZ for its employees. Its workers on October 15 in one of the factory canteens held a “Pie Day” with tasting of all kinds of pastries and a specially prepared two-meter pie.

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