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The superheaters of the boiler

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The superheaters of the boiler

to Increase the efficiency of steam boilers by using a special equipment. This role will suit the superheaters of boilers, the main purpose of which is the ability to raise the level of the temperature higher than the saturation point. For the acquisition of such equipment for the industrial enterprises it is possible to contact "the Ural Plant of Boiler Equipment". The company specializiruetsya not only supplies, but also in the manufacture of electrical industrial superheaters.

How do the superheaters of the boilers?

To fully carry out the goals and objectives of the superheaters is produced in several variants. Among them are:

  • Platen type fixed at the top of the furnace. Its location is the area between the surfaces of the devices convection and radiation type.
    • Convection type works on the principle of heat intake on the basis of convection.
      • production of heat occurs by means of radiation exposure in the radiation type of equipment.
        • Intermediate type have also found their place in the overall scheme of the equipment.

        In fact this equipment for boilers is a system of pipes of different diameters. It can vary in the range of 20-30mm and can also be equal to 50 mm, which is the largest diameter in the system.

        Order superheaters

        Manufacture and sale of superheaters proper quality and supplying them to companies is the main challenge for employees. For selection and ordering of products, you can contact the specialists of the enterprise. They offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation: timely execution of orders, delivery in the desired configuration, the warranty on all the equipment. At all stages of cooperation you can get advice of experienced professionals.

        the Company is known far beyond the borders of the Sverdlovsk region. By ordering products here, you can get it with delivery in many cities of Russia. Learn more about all the services and products can be purchased on the website.

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