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Workers of BMK undergo a medical check-up

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At Beloretsk metallurgical plant (JSC "BMK", included in the Group "Mechel") undergoing an annual medical examination. Examination are 3.6 thousand employees of departments and divisions of the plant.

Inspection of metallurgists began in October and will last until the end of December. Its goal is the prevention and timely detection of diseases. This year the medical examination carried out by experts Beloretsky Central district hospital: profpathology, therapist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, dermatologist, gynecologist, psychiatrist and the psychiatrist-narcologist. Employees will be able to pass tests, an EKG, mammography, spirograph (diagnosis of diseases of the lungs and bronchi), and dynamometry (measuring the strength of individual muscles).

When doctors identify any abnormalities metallurgists are sent for further examination to specialists. On completion of screening recommendations and, if necessary, referral to treatment and rehabilitation in a sanatorium.


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