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Sale of latest generation bearings in Moscow

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Sale of latest generation bearings in Moscow

In order to buy bearings in Moscow, it is enough to use the supplier's online catalog or call +7 (499) 5044268 to the manager of the PromTechnoGroup company. It is here you can buy high-speed bearing models of the latest generation. For example, for modern production equipment, the drive shafts or the rotor of which rotate with significant angular velocities and high axial loads. Provide it:

  • High-quality and accurate work with the specified parameters.
  • Long service life.

Allows to be equipped with bearings developed by SKF specialists. The products belong to the category of single-row radial thrust bearings and have embodied the most advanced engineering solutions in their design.

Key Benefits of SKF High Speed ​​Bearings

The main design solution, which made it possible to achieve high technical performance from radial single-row thrust bearings in terms of the transmission of high-speed torques, is the development of a special brass cage. It differs from analogs by the presence of:

  • Improved track geometry with a 25 degree contact angle.
  • Shapes of the torus in its windows and a reduced angle of inclination to the axis.

With such an urgent problem for any type of bearings, as heating (overheating) with all the ensuing negative consequences, the designers of the concern managed to cope with the help of an accurate calculation, which made it possible to reduce the clearance in the axial direction between the rolling elements. An additional second arch has been added to provide a high-quality touch of moving parts. All this allows the use of high-speed bearings of this design with even higher angular speeds of rotation and significant loads.

You can get acquainted with the types and dimensional parameters of bearings manufactured by SKF Corporation using the online catalog of the direct supplier of the PromTechnoGroup company. All the product names presented on its pages are in stock and are sold with a quality guarantee on a contractual basis.

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