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Robotics business processes at MMK has received a high rating UiPath

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Director of sales UiPath in Russia Artem Vinogradov presented the awards to the Director of OOO "MMK-informservis" Vadim Feoktistov, head of the competence Centre and innovation, OOO "MMK-informservis" Michael Veresova in the framework of the visit to MMK.
"of Course, the competence Centre of the MMK Group has chosen the right development direction and practice have shown its effectiveness in implementing one of the largest production companies of the robotics program business processes" - said Artyom Vinogradov. In addition, it was noted the high efficiency of the use of the software UiPath in the MMK Group and the professionalism of the staff of the competence Center.
the Main focus of the competence Centre RPA and innovation, OOO "MMK-informservis" is to increase the efficiency of business processes through the use of technology robotic process automation RPA. This work began in 2018 and raised the Finance and Economics, accounting, sourcing, logistics, personnel and staff. Plans for the use of these technologies in all divisions of MMK.
today in commercial operation there are dozens of software robots that help employees maintain records and payment of raw materials, processing of electronic sick-lists, place orders to employment records, to analyze the use of transport, record of productivity, collect and organize data from various sources to carry out verification of various documents, generate reports and much more. All embedded robots become an effective digital assistants that are allowed to free people from routine operations. Thus, the work becomes more productive, and working conditions more comfortable.
work is Also underway to expand the functionality of RPA technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and methods of recognition of natural language. At the moment, together with the commercial Directorate has already implemented a pilot project with the use of machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, which will allow to identify the factors affecting the value of individual commodities.
"the technology of RPA in the framework of implementing the strategic initiative industry 4.0 allows us to characterize this technology as a highly effective tool for the implementation of the digitization of the enterprise", – said the Director of OOO "MMK-informservis" Vadim Feoktistov.
According to Michael Veresova, the Centre of competence is a continuous increase in the number of software robots. For example, at the present time to determine appropriate robotization of the processes developed and tested chat-bot that allows any member of the Group of PJSC "MMK" to send a request for the introduction of digital assistants in the division.
According to the international analytical agencies Gartner and Forester in 2019 UiPath recognized as a leader in the market RPA solutions. According to Forbes, the company ranks 3rd in the ranking software "The Cloud 100". In June 2019 "MMK-informservis" UiPath and entered into a General partnership agreement.

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