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Charity Fund "the Way home" companies "Severstal" summed up the results of work in 2019

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a meeting of the Expert Council on the results of implementation in 2019 trust
of the program "the Road home" under the leadership of Chairman of the Board of Directors
of the company "Severstal" Alexey Mordashov took place on 27 December in Cherepovets.

the meeting was attended by the Governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov,
member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Elena Avdeeva,
the mayor of the city of Cherepovets Vadim Herman and the mayor Margarita Guseva,
the Deputy Governor of the Vologda region Larisa kamanina and chief
of the Department of social protection of population of the Vologda region Alexander Ershov
head of corporate social responsibility and brand
company Severstal Natalia Poppel, heads of departments of the city of Cherepovets and the
divisions of the company "Severstal", Director of "Media Center" Sergey Condo
and Agency of urban development Oksana Andreeva, the Director of the Charity
Fund "the Way home" Catherine Vrigina.

In 2019, the target program of the company "Severstal" to solve problems
child abandonment and juvenile delinquency acted in eight
cities of Russia as part of 36 projects with the participation of 307 professionals and partnership with the
205 public institutions in 45 regions were common social
practice 17858 citizens were provided free professional psychological
legal, humanitarian, financial support.

"Our Fund is growing. Next year "the Road home" will be 15 years. To
this date we come with decent results. See that there is a system of
helping children from families in difficult life situation and prevent
child abandonment and neglect. We can now set ourselves new tasks.
I decided today to create a more comprehensive system of identifying talented and
gifted children", – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company
"Severstal" Alexey Mordashov.

At the meeting presented the scope of the Fund's activities, achievements and main
the results of the work of the Foundation and programs. Among the key results is noted.
prevent 58% of newborn children from the bounce,
prevented 100% of cases leaving the child in the child's Home statement
of the parent, prevented 85% of cases of return of children in state
enterprises, cases of suicide among students in 2019 is not what happened.
the Resource-methodical centre of the Fund by the expert community as the only
specialized RTS of the North-West for work with families. In 2019 was
successfully conducted internal accounting, program audits
the Charity Fund "the Way home". Based on the obtained information
adjusted the program and the Fund.

"the Main task of specialists of the Fund is to help the family to cope with the challenges
challenges and to ensure safe conditions, to save for a child
family and not be subjected to secondary orphanhood. The Program's projects are working with
the solution to the problems leading to the ingress of children in institutions for children-orphans and
children left without parental care. Important when work on
to prevent a crisis in the family starts early, then
the probability of solving the problem is higher", – said the Director of
charitable Fund "the Way home" Catherine Vrigina.

In 2020, the objectives of the programme activities of the Fund will be the implementation of 11
projects on the activities of programs, the launch of a new
project in eagle, strengthen support for caregivers of older, on
recovery blood family, the creation and implementation of an electronic database
families-beneficiaries, benefactors, volunteers, increasing the level
of specialists ' competence, the development of interaction with the social spheres of
cities. Charity Fund "the Way home" was established in 2005
the initiative of Alexei Mordashov.

In 2019, the company "Severstal" has allocated to Fund projects 72

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