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The Road Home Charitable Foundation received 3.3 million rubles. from the Presidential Grants Fund for Work with Teens of Cherepovets

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The "Choose Life" project of the Severstal's Road Home Charitable Foundation won the first presidential grant competition in 2021. The amount of state support will be about 3.3 million rubles.

In addition to this Severstal will allocate more than 2.271 million rubles of its own funds. Thus, the total amount of 5.571 million rubles will be allocated for interaction with educational institutions of Cherepovets, the children's city hospital, the commission for minors.

The goal of the "Choose Life" project is to inform parents of children from 10 to 17 years old, school teachers and colleges of the city of Cherepovets on the signs of early recognition of self-destructive and suicidal behavior of children, as well as providing contacts of specialists who help in crisis situations.

Medical psychologists, together with school psychologists, will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of students in 40 educational institutions and individual work with identified adolescents. This will reduce children's anxiety, increase their self-confidence and harmoniously interact with themselves and the world around them. Specialists will tell parents and educators about the reasons for destructive behavior of children and the risks for them on the Internet. An online training course will be organized for specialists in the field of child protection.

At present, self-destructive behavior and suicide in Russia is one of the important problems on a national scale. In Cherepovets, about ten teenagers are admitted to the children's city hospital every year with alcohol poisoning, pills, cuts in veins, and injuries sustained when falling from a height. Not in all cases, after the provision of medical care, children come to the attention of medical psychologists, since parents are afraid of registering the child in the juvenile department. Within the framework of the Choose Life project, qualified psychological assistance will be provided without dispensary supervision.

“The economic efficiency of the project can be expressed by the fact that, thanks to the mass diagnostics, the mental problems of adolescents will be detected at early stages, which means that in each specific case fewer hours of specialists' work will be required, the child's mental problems will not be aggravated and will not require inpatient treatment, ”commented Ekaterina Frygina, director of the Road Home Foundation.


The Choose Life team will work with teenagers in schools and colleges Cherepovets, with their parents, with specialists in education and social protection from 4 regions of the Russian Federation: Vologda Oblast (Cherepovets, municipal districts of the Vologda Oblast: Sokolsky, Sheksninsky, Kharovsky, Velikoustyugsky, Cherepovetsky, Belozersky); Republic of Komi (Vorkuta); Republic of Karelia (Kostomuksha); Murmansk region (Olenegorsk).

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