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In a residential area "the emerald forest" a school-transformer for 1100 seats

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In a residential area "the emerald forest" a school-transformer for 1100 seats

the Company "UGMK-Builder" started to design a school building with 1,100 seats, which will be located 1 block residential area "the emerald forest" on the plot with an area of 40 000 m2. It is already known that the new building is completely unique move Yekaterinburg "College Art Sketch".

the School will be of a object-transformer. Its space is designed for the complete organization, not only the main learning process, but also many additional classes, including for preschoolers. Moreover, depending on the situation, the number of premises for classes or additional classes may vary. This is the modern format of the training space, which is now being implemented not in all Russian regions.

the Architectural design is aimed at ensuring maximum comfort for students and their parents. The new school will have spacious classrooms with an area of about 70 m2, classes, after school programs (South side equipped with an energy saving glass), gym and gym with a separate entrance for residents of the area, the Assembly hall area for the organization of various school events, Museum expositions and exhibitions.

the Most modern infrastructure solutions are applied and in the organization of the school territory: a multi-level green spaces, a school and a guest Parking space for boarding and alighting of pupils, playgrounds and sports grounds hypoallergenic with anti-dust coating, Jogging track, etc.

"We don't just build homes, our mission is integrated development of the territory, which involves the construction and launching of all necessary for comfortable life infrastructure in parallel with the apartments. Homeowners in our homes are insured against a situation when the apartment in a new residential complex or district has purchased and the house was leased, and the infrastructure does not exist or is not valid. Therefore, we cannot limit ourselves to just the construction of a school or kindergarten – we do so that these institutions could work", – said the head of development projects "UMMC-Builder" Eugene Mordovin.

Recall that in the framework of the development of the 1st quarter "the emerald forest" the company "UGMK-Builder" to build a modern and comfortable kindergarten for 300 places with nursery groups (the building project is announced at the end of 2019), fitness club with swimming pool, clinic and other infrastructure. Transport accessibility of the whole area will significantly increase high-speed tram line which will pass through its territory and make the connection between Ekaterinburg and the Top Pyshma.


"the emerald forest" is the flagship development project of the "UMMC – Builder". District is being built in the Northern residential area of Mansfield, around a unique ecological zone, forest-Park "Pyshma lakes." Its membership will be comprised of 13 blocks with residential buildings and all necessary social and recreational infrastructure. The area will be 124,9 hectares, for residential development allocated to 40.7 ha, the volume of the housing is 712,12 thousand m2. The first stage of construction involves the construction of houses at 18 and 30 floors; 18-storey building was completed at the end of December 2019. The second stage of the construction of two more homes in 22 and 25 floors, started in September in the framework of funding, "Sberbank of Russia".

"College Art Sketch" is widely known for effective organization of continuous educational process, is not only the basic training, but also to identify the unique skills and abilities of the child with their subsequent development. This is achieved through a wide variety of educational programs, including in the field of music, art, choreographic art, sports and language programs (advanced study English). In school, the child has the possibility of continuous education from 3 to 18 years, choosing training in primary school or a special program, access to which is granted after successful passing of the entrance exam.

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