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Polymer ropes BMK praised the coal

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Beloretsk metallurgical plant received a letter of thanks from the coal company "southern Kuzbass" (the companies included in the Group "Mechel") for cooperation in the supply of rope products.

BMK for two years supplied the coal miners of new ropes with polymer coating of different diameters instead of the usual domestic and imported without plastic ropes with polymer. Products used on excavators domestic and foreign production at coal mines "southern Kuzbass". Polymer, designed to protect the wire rope from abrasion, is well demonstrated in the work under the temperature from -45 to +35 degrees. The results of the use of the miners made sure that the ropes are coated serve 40-60% longer than normal without polymer and can compete with imported ones.

"we Express our deep gratitude to the specialists of BMC for the development and manufacturing of ropes with a polymer coating. They have to increase life expectancy and reduce the wear of the excavator. This reduces the amount of downtime and thus increase mined volumes," – said the managing Director of PJSC "southern Kuzbas" Igor Rytikov.


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