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Kolchugin "Elektrokabel" modernized extrusion line

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Kolchugin "Elektrokabel" modernized extrusion line

Kolchugino (Vladimir region)

Kolchugin "Elektrokabel" (part of the holding Cable Alliance, which brings together cable assets UMMC) has upgraded the line for the insulation on the conductor in the shop № 4. The cost of new units, including installation, was about 30 million rubles.

"In the course of modernization, we replaced, so to speak, the heart of this line – extruder together with the extrusion head. In addition, the mounted auxiliary extruder. It is designed to strip the color of the wires needed for installation. Now the colouring is not solid, and stripe, which will improve the dielectric properties of the insulation. Also the line has more perfect management system", – said the head of shop № 4 of JSC "COPIES" Sergei Petrov.

by new nodes, the line speed will increase by 20% – up to 2000 meters per minute, which will increase performance. A large part of the product range shop No. 4 are the control cables of the brand NIKE. Their scope is very wide: from fire alarm to control instrumentation in large factories. Label sizes of cables NICKY more than 10 million, because every single object is produced by unique design requirements. Over the past five years the volume of output cables NICKY grew more than 3.5 times. Modernization of the extrusion line will enhance production capabilities of the shop.

in addition, the new extruder will allow you to use a wider range of insulating materials, including polyethylene of high and low density, crosslinking polyethylene, polyvinylchloride compounds, including increased fire safety, halogen-free composition.

"Shop no 4 operates in the factory since 2000. When it was created, was purchased the most modern high-performance lines. But time does not stand still. New design of cables, materials and technologies require a different approach, more sophisticated mechanisms. Therefore, we systematically model the main nodes on the existing lines in the plant to meet the demands of the market. And, of course, this will allow us to improve the quality of the products and eliminate failures of terms of delivery of cables", – said Director of JSC "COPIES" Raul Toimatov.

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