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Ordering dry of yoghurt powders

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Ordering dry of yoghurt powders

To improve the taste of the finished confectionery products using special additives. Dry yogurt powder can be used for these purposes. The company "Arabella" on your website http://arabella.su/offers yoghurt powders in a wide range. They are characterized by the flavor of milk, reminiscent of delicate yogurt. The company specializiruetsya in the supply of various confectionery mixes of small structures that can be used in food production.

features of the application of dry powders yogurt

To properly inject the powder into any product should follow a certain dosage. The manufacturer claims that it should not exceed 10%. The composition of the powder includes a variety of components in a balanced composition. It is based on a concentrate of cottage cheese and yogurt. As additives used glucose, lactose. All this forms the taste of the product. It can be pale milky and creamy notes.


Where to use dry yogurt powder

the company's Products "Arabella" can be used in different confectionery products, among which are various types of cookies, chocolate milk, creams, milk fillings for cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, special mass for making candy and other products. With them is a gentle cream stuffing with taste of milk. When you add certain components of the dry mixture becomes homogeneous, creamy structure. Such components there may be a variety of syrups from glucose, cream, milk powder and so on.

Among the main properties of such powders may be noted the thermal stability, long operational life without changing the taste. He is 9 months. Storage of such mixtures must be created optimal conditions. The room should be ventilated, the temperatures can vary from 15 to 20 degrees. On the website you can get advice on ordering of yoghurt mix. There is a possibility to request a call back. With other types of confectionery products at home can be found on the website.

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