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On a range of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated
steel and mining companies, announces measures
to counteract the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

the Activity of "Severstal" is currently being implemented in normal mode.
At the same time ensuring safety and preservation of health of employees is
the absolute priority of the company.

"Severstal" strictly adheres to the recommendations of the Government of the Russian
Federation and regional authorities on preventive and other measures
to counter the spread COVID-19. In order to reduce the
threat to the health of our colleagues, we introduced a number of necessary measures to
make adequate provision of the necessary measures for the prevention of and protection from it

  • a Commission, which monitors the latest news about
    the global spread of the virus;

  • a ban on a business trip abroad, and also recommended
    to minimize these trips in the territory of Russia;

  • Implemented a mandatory sanitization and disinfection of all

  • check the temperature of staff upon arrival at work;

  • 17 Mar discontinued the mandatory input check breathalyzer on
    the companies included in Severstal; carried out spot checks to
    enforce rules of industrial safety;

  • Abolished internal events with the number of participants is 20 or more

  • Set quarantine for 14 calendar days for all employees
    returning from a trip abroad – regardless of what country
    employee visited; in other cases, employees are released from their
    job duties for a period of 14 days and receive compensation in the amount of average

  • In case of need and technical capabilities provided remote

  • Reinforced measures for hygiene and cleaning of premises;

  • Apply advanced recommendations on health and technology
    security among all employees.

"Severstal" is convinced that the current situation in the world creates the conditions
of uncertainty for all. Therefore, to ensure a proper level of transparency
about the measures taken within the company "Severstal" has strengthened domestic
communication and also offers support and advice to minimize risks
of infecting themselves and their families. The company also strongly recommends that
employees to pay more attention to their health and to comply with all
necessary precautions and, most importantly, not to come to work with
temperature and/or other symptoms of virus diseases.

Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal,
commented on:

"the company's Main priority in this situation is to reduce to a minimum any
health risks of our employees. As the situation with the spread of
the fashion industry is changing rapidly, Severstal continuously monitors its development,
quick to respond and ready to introduce new measures if necessary".

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