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Rent Metallobaza with manipulator

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Rent Metallobaza with manipulator

For procurement of different types of recycled materials using a special technique. For example, when collection and transportation to recycling of metal waste use lomovoz, he's metalloved. Sale and rental of Metallobaza in Kiev today is very popular as ever.

Lomovoz rental represents a special transport special design. On sale it comes in the form of a self-propelled machine, designed on the basis of any truck or trailer/semi-trailer vehicles. As a rule, it has several parts:


  • the
  • traction machine with different brands and models, which depends on permeability, carrying capacity, maneuverability, and other quality techniques; the
  • dump body with rear swing gate, able to tip over at an angle of 50 degrees, where to put the scrap metal; the
  • craniomandibular installation with grapple, which performs the direct loading, unloading and moving of goods.

the Management of special equipment does one person who is the driver
the vehicle and operator of the manipulator.

When you hire Metallobaza it is important to choose the best machine model. For a correct choice, pay attention to its technical characteristics, among which the most important is:


    • the
    • wheel formula and other features of the basic truck; the
    • the type and power motor; the
    • capacity of body parts;

the capacity of the machine and mounted on it of the Cabinet; the

  • maximum reach of the boom;


  • features a grab capture.

When taking metalloved to rent it is important to pay attention to technical condition of the car, its serviceability and readiness for intensive use. So you should carefully choose the company that provides this service, giving preference only to trusted and verified

Source: https://hydromarket.com.ua/g83173194-arenda-spetstehniki

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