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Original spare parts for CMU Japanese and Korean

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Original spare parts for CMU Japanese and Korean

despite the high quality of components and the factory Assembly of technical means related to the category of mobile cranes manipulators on the chassis of a trusted vehicle, they require:

  • Conduct regular maintenance.
    • Perform routine maintenance for replacement of worn service life of parts.

    Accordingly, this requires high-quality and original components, and spare parts. Unfortunately, the domestic market is now saturated with fake products not acceptable for use in the repair of complex equipment such as CMU, especially if we are talking about expensive technology Japanese or Korean production.


    quality assurance

    to Purchase, sometimes quite scarce spare parts for the repair and maintenance of crane-manipulators Japanese and Korean manufacturers warranty of their originality can website the direct supplier of this product. It offers users quite a comfortable way

    • select the desired items using the online catalog of the online store.
      • delivery Order with the appropriate addresses.

      All listed in the directory of products (details, parts) have certificates of conformity and quality assurance. Thus, it should be borne in mind that the classification of this product has some specific differences on the dimensional parameters of foreign (Asian) standards. That's why at the official site store provides an option for feedback from the technical consultant. The specialist will help to choose the necessary detail given the brand of crane arm, a company engaged in the Assembly and release. Prompt how to register and make a payment of the selected products.


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