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"KRU" introducing new methods of reclamation

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"KRU" introducing new methods of reclamation

JSC "UK "Kuzbassrazrezugol" (enterprise resource complex of UMMC) has successfully applied the mechanical method of planting pine on the biological phase of reclamation of disturbed mining lands.
the Company summed up the results of the experiment first conducted in 2019 together with specialists Prokop of forestry on Taiga field Taldinskaya coal mine. In the area of 25 hectares with a special tree-planting machines were planted 80 thousand seedlings of Scots pine. The survival rate of the biomaterial was 80%.
"We are constantly looking for new forms of land rehabilitation. Recent findings indicate a new level of efficiency by which coal Company out in the field of bioremediation, - says the Deputy Director of JSC "MC "KRU" in ecology, industrial safety and land management Vitaly Lotokhin. - Given today's positive experience, the Company will continue testing the method of the mechanized landing in 2020. At Taldinskaya the incision is planned with it, the biological reclamation phase was already in the area of 45 hectares. In General, this year we plan to reach a historic high volumes bioremediation".
In 2020, on the branches of the criminal code "KRU" is planned for biological reclamation on a total area of about 140 hectares. On the restoration of disturbed land will be allocated more than 20 million.

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