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MMK helps preserve biological diversity

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The program provides for the implementation of activities in the following main areas of activity:

· Restoration and development of biodiversity of the Ural River and Magnitogorsk reservoir;

· Preservation and enhancement of biodiversity in the territories adjacent to the facilities of PJSC MMK;

· Greening the territory of the city of Magnitogorsk.

Commenting on the adopted document, Pavel Vladimirovich Shilyaev noted: "This program is a logical continuation of MMK's activities aimed at creating a favorable environment in the locations of the company's assets."

One of the key elements of the program is the restoration and development of the biodiversity of the Ural River and the Magnitogorsk reservoir, which in 2015 was awarded the status of a fishery object of the highest category. This implies the possibility of using the reservoir for catching especially valuable and valuable fish species or for their artificial reproduction.

In order to dramatically improve the water quality of the Magnitogorsk reservoir, PJSC MMK implemented in 2016-2018 the project "Reconstruction of the recycling water supply system with the expansion of the cooler reservoir" with a total cost of over 600 million rubles. Thus, the maximum isolation of the Magnitogorsk Reservoir from the influence of PJSC MMK's wastewater has been achieved, which confirms the absence of discharges from the plant into the Magnitogorsk Reservoir from November 2018 to the present.

In order to increase the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems, PJSC MMK, in agreement with the Nizhneobsk Territorial Administration of Rosrybolovstvo (Tyumen), is stocking the Ural River and the Magnitogorsk reservoir with juvenile carp, which is an indigenous species and one of the most valuable objects of fishing ... In the period from 2018 to 2021, about 800 thousand carp fry with a piece weight of 10 grams will be released into the water area of ​​the Magnitogorsk reservoir.

In 2020, an experiment is planned to release 12 thousand specimens of juvenile grass carp and silver carp into the reverse part of the Magnitogorsk reservoir. The grass carp and silver carp are herbivorous fish that feed on green algae and phytoplankton. They prevent algae from overgrowing water bodies, destroy dead plants, which increases the oxygen content in the water. Based on the results of the experiment, it is planned to justify the fish-breeding and biological stocking of fish in the Magnitogorsk reservoir on the Ural River with additional fish species.

In 2020, experimental biomeliorative work was carried out to plant 2000 water hyacinth seedlings in the reverse section of the Magnitogorsk reservoir ... The use of Eichornia seedlings improves the quality of water due to its biological purification from dissolved pollutants using a natural sorbent.

Based on the results of the experiment, a specialized organization will determine the optimal sites for the placement of aquatic plants, as well as their species and quantitative composition. In 2021, it is planned to purchase and plant new species of aquatic plants, as well as track their impact on water quality in the reverse part of the Magnitogorsk reservoir.

Another direction of the adopted program is conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in the areas adjacent to to the facilities of PJSC MMK.

In 2020-2021, a specialized organization will carry out a comprehensive environmental survey and development of measures aimed at preserving, restoring and enhancing biodiversity, among them:

∙ Survey of the territory and approval of the list of indicator species;

∙ Research and monitoring of indicator species;

∙ Identification of flora and fauna species to be preserved and restored;

∙ Development of measures for biodiversity conservation. Determination of control points to assess their effectiveness.

∙ Posting reports in the public space, with the participation of stakeholders in discussing the results of work.

Developed measures to preserve and increase biodiversity in the territories adjacent to facilities of PJSC MMK will be implemented in stages until 2025 at the expense of the plant's own funds.

An important part of PJSC MMK's environmental activities is landscaping of the city of Magnitogorsk . The Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, together with the city administration, is implementing a large-scale gardening program for Magnitogorsk, within the framework of which it is planned to plant about 11 thousand seedlings of trees and shrubs by 2023. Investments in the project will amount to 57 million rubles.

Over the past three years, thanks to the greening projects of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, more than 6 thousand units of green plantations have been planted on the territory of Magnitogorsk, the species composition of which includes seedlings of ash, Norway maple, linden, birch, Siberian spruce, mountain ash.

Planting work is carried out by a specialized organization from Yekaterinburg, seedlings are purchased in nurseries of Kazan and Perm. Besides that

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