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CMP Museum under the open sky filled with new exhibits

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The Museum under the open sky on the territory of the Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant (OJSC CHMK, enters into Group "Mechel") with two new exhibits – large-scale copy of Kasli sculpture "Russia" and a bucket of electric steel production.

the Famous sculpture "Russia" is cast Kasli masters (Kasli plant for architectural and artistic casting included in the Group "Mechel"), the image of a young woman warrior, holding in his right hand a sword and in its left the shield. The original sculpture became popular on the world art and industrial exhibition of 1900, won the Grand Prix and a gold medal. It is stored in the Museum of fine arts of Yekaterinburg. The height of the original sculpture — 90 centimeters, weight — 80 kg.
Chelyabinsk "Russia" installed in the Museum under the open sky CMP 7 may. Two-meter large-scale close to the original copy – a gift plant from my colleagues of the plant "Izhstal" (enters into Group "Mechel"). Master "Izhstal" has added some copyright details: next to the state emblem of Russia is the "classic" lettering "God save the Tsar" put the coat of arms of Chelyabinsk and Izhevsk, and added the painted "under the gold". The weight of "Russia" - more than 4 tons. In two weeks, it became so popular among workers that many did not one selfie in the background of "protector".
may 8, in the outdoor Museum mounted another exhibit – a massive bucket of electric steel production for the movement of liquid iron. Previously, he was kept on the industrial site of the plant. Accurate story of the life of the bucket is unknown. Employees assume that it was previously used in production, and were then sent "on pension".
the Exposition in the open air part of the Museum complex CMP, started in 1994, near Domain entrance of the plant. On the site are presented the samples of products and equipment the main workshops of the enterprise. Among the exhibits you can see the rail with a length of 80 meters and other products of the rail and structural steel mill CHMK, samples of stainless steel, different types of coke in a container of heavy-duty glass. the Museum under the open sky is one of the attractions of the Metallurgical district.


Julia Ionova
the press-service of JSC "CMP"
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