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"Severstal" will receive 7.4 million rubles. to support people who are in a difficult situation in Vorkuta, Kostomuksha and Olenegorsk

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PAO Severstal (MICEX-RTS: CHMF; LSE: SVST), one of the largest in the world.
a vertically integrated steel and mining companies,
announces the expansion of support programmes for people left without any means of
existence as a result of loss of work due to pandemic COVID-19. Now this
program applies to the territories where the resource companies.
"Severstal" in Vorkuta, Kostomuksha and Olenegorsk. Total aid will amount to
7.4 million rubles.

the program Target audience – families with children aged 3 to 17 years old
(or to 23 years if a minor is enrolled full-form)
living in Vorkuta, Kostomuksha and Olenegorsk, whose income greatly
reduced since the adoption of measures to combat the spread COVID-19.
Is, first of all, people who have lost their jobs in April-may 2020 or those
who does not officially dismissed, but whose income fell substantially and does not cover the basic
needs. Mostly – the representatives of small and medium business sector
facilities and different types of service.

To participate in the program must simultaneously meet three criteria:
the loss of a job or pause activities during a pandemic, the median income for a
member of the family below the subsistence level in the region, the lack of assistance from other
sources. Program participants will be issued a card shopping network
"roundabout" with accrued points rate of 6 thousand roubles on one member of the
family. Until July 25, 2020 they will be able to buy groceries, in addition to
alcohol and tobacco products, and industrial products.

Earlier it was reported about the launch of a similar programme in Cherepovets and Yakovlevskaya
urban district. In the framework of the project "Severstal" together with the shopping
network "Lenta" has sent 21 million rubles.

"the support of the population in the regions where Severstal is one of the
priorities today. The current situation has made a significant
adjustments in our daily lives, but mostly affected small and
medium businesses and their employees. As important today as ever to support people
find themselves without a job, but it is especially important that the assistance was timely.
it is Gratifying that we were able to quickly develop a joint program. Want
to Express special thanks to the trade network "Pyaterochka" for the support of our
programs", - the General Director of the company "Severstal" Alexander Shevelev.

the Operator of the program in all three regions will perform Charitable Foundation
the company "Severstal" "the Way home". Participation in the support programme is
a declarative character. The needy are required to complete the online application
generated separately for each region.

Phones for information:

Olenegorsk - 8-953-759-10-90;

Kostomuksha - 8-921-457-99-29, 8-911-664-13-25;

Vorkuta - 2-15-08.

Check entered data and confirm the indigent will perform
a special Commission created during the administration of the relevant

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