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In ANO "CMSC" started to operate new CT scanner

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The device is acquired at the expense of JSC "MMK" in the framework of the strategic program of equipping the medical-sanitary unit with modern medical equipment.
About the advantages of the new apparatus, the guests were told by the chief doctor of ANO "CMSC" Maxim Domashenko and head of the x-ray Department, Diagnostic center Natalia Korotkova.
GE's Revolution EVO belongs to high-precision 128-sitovym computer scanners. This ultramodern system that allows how to conduct a standard set of research and with maximum information to assess the defeat of all organs and systems in polytrauma, acute surgical pathology, cancer of the abdominal organs. Not to mention its unique features in the diagnosis of diseases of the brain, the heart and blood vessels.

Among the advantages of the system – the higher the resolution of the resulting images: the scanner sees the parts to 0.28 mm. in addition, integrated data acquisition system of the detector HiLight Clarity to minimize electronic "noise" so that the physician sees clear, not distorted by any extraneous artifacts of the anatomical picture. The patient receives significantly less radiation exposure – 82% of the CT x-ray workload of the previous generation.
in addition, the conditions of the study on the GE Revolution EVO is more comfortable for the patient. The scanning procedure is quick (5 to 20 minutes) regardless of the physique of the subject. Due to the increased capacity of the table can hold patients weighing up to 227 kg, and diagnostic image quality in high contrast resolution.
computed tomography is performed in the direction of the hospital doctors or clinics ANO "CMSC", as well as in the provision of paid medical services. And today, the survey on the new equipment, was the first patient.

"Modern medicine cannot be imagined without high-tech equipment. For CMI, one of the priority directions of support of medical institutions is the acquisition of equipment that brings a new level of quality of medical care in our city. It is important not just to allocate the money, you must spend them wisely and truly effective. Today's event is a vivid example of this approach. And I am sure that the new CT scanner will provide professionals infirmary radically new opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, in particular, a stroke and severe injuries", – said General Director of JSC "MMK" Paul Shilyaev.
Department of information and public relations of OJSC "MMK"

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