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"Severstal" continues to assist the medical community and the population of the cities where

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's leading vertically integrated
steel and mining companies, gave the doctors working with
patients with novel coronavirus infection in the regions where funds
personal protection more than $ 130 million.

So, in Cherepovets since the introduction of the quarantine measures, the company transferred 35 thousand
medical costumes, including improved 15 thousand, 40 thousand of respirators
different degrees of protection.

Doctors Olenegorsk TSGB transferred 1.1 million protective suits and 1,5 thousand
of respirators.

On the hospital No. 1 in Kostomuksha, the company has sold 2.6 million
respirators, a thousand protective suits.

In Vorkuta doctors transferred 10 thousand respirators and 2.2 thousand health

"Severstal" has supported the health system in Belgorod region
(located Yakovlevsky mine) by giving to its needs four million rubles., and also
referred to local hospitals 3.5 thousand of respirators.

"We are implementing measures to support the regions where the company operates,
providing assistance to medical institutions and population of the cities in which we
work, in this difficult period. Our objective is to help preserve the health of people
and targeted to support residents who find themselves in a difficult situation because
of a pandemic," said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Severstal"

in addition, the company "Severgroup", carrying out activity on management of
assets in the interests of Alexey Mordashov, donated 500 thousand
respirators 19 hospitals in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg there are such
company "Severgroup" as "Power machines", "Tape", "Sveza", "Ava-Peter" (a network
clinics "Scandinavia"), as well as a number of the enterprises "Severstal".

in addition to helping with personal protective equipment, "Severstal" together with
a network of hypermarkets "the Tape" is implementing in the regions programme of support for families
the parents lost their jobs and found themselves in a difficult financial situation in the period
of the pandemic. Just for this program was sent to nearly 28.5 million rubles. In
Cherepovets 950 families (about three thousand persons) received certificates for
purchasing food products. In Vorkuta this support was provided to
46 families (114 people). Preparing to issue a second wave, designed for
help another 50 families. In Kostomuksha the assistance program ended June 18, according to her
the results of the 209 families (680 people) received certificates for purchase
food products made for six thousand rubles on one member of the family
total amount of four million rubles. 137 families of Yakovlevskaya city district
schooled assistance from companies for a total amount of three million rubles.

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