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Severstal, Mastercard and Yandex.Fund has launched a project to receive payment orders, Bank business cards

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the Company Severstal (MICEX-RTS: CHMF; LSE: SVST), one of the largest in
the world vertically integrated steel and mining companies.
start receiving payment orders, Bank business cards. The project was implemented in
partnership with MasterCard and Yandex.The counter. Previously customers could pay
order solely by transfer from account to account.

Billing business card substantially facilitates and accelerates not only the process
purchase, but at other stages of the transaction: is it faster to proceed to the shipment of
the products manufactured by the company "Severstal", it is easier to arrange all the
documentation will be excluded the steps of entering the details of the transfer, accelerated
the funds are credited to the account of Severstal. Furthermore, the use of
business cards expanding customer base and helps entrepreneurs to actively
to develop your business, as there is a possibility of payment by credit
business cards. For example, the buyer can quickly attract additional
financing without payment of interest in grace period for up to 55 days. All of this
allows customers to increase the volume of purchases and the seller to reduce
the amount of receivables. The currently accepted
business card Mastercard.

Billing business cards available for online and offline orders, and is
through Yandex.Cash. The expense is in the form of links: the buyer gets
it to the email and is taken to a page with a description of the order and payment
a form of payment. Payments security is ensured with the help of technology.
3-D Secure. Soon payment by credit business card will be introduced.
directly to the functionality of the Internet-shop of "Severstal"

Also, when making purchases on Severstal's business card has a program
loyalty MasterCard Business Bonus and earn points for each transaction. C
program rules can be found at

"For 2020 we have set an ambitious goal for the development of new
services to our customers. One of them is payment online provides fast
safe buy, reduces the time of shipment, greatly increases
efficiency, allowing to satisfy the needs of customers in the shortest possible time without
loss of quality. A number of our clients particularly noted the option of payment at
credit card, which extends their financial capacity, providing at the
fact "free delay". Very pleased that Severstal was among
the pioneers in the industry, creating with partners a platform to implement
loan products in B2B", - said the Director for work with companies.
the construction industry Severstal Evgeny Chernyakov.

"the Launch of a joint project with Yandex.The cashier and MasterCard takes our
customer interaction to a new level. Fast and secure payment
reduce delivery time greatly increase the efficiency of the purchasing process,
allowing you to satisfy customer requests in the shortest possible time with high quality.
As the boundaries between B2B and B2C will inevitably be erased, it is important to provide
excellent customer experience through the usual processes each
additional services, and loyalty programs," said Director of
marketing and improving customer experience of the company "Severstal" Maria

"Cooperation with "Severstal" for us it is of strategic importance, because
the Yandex.Office for several years developing payment methods for B2B, and we see
more and more companies want to shop for online business, to pay
just like in a regular store," says Oksana Korobkina
commercial Director of Yandex.Money.

"Mastercard is constantly working to ensure that our card was
available all the benefits of cashless payments in the b2b environment: speed, simplicity
and security as well as ease of control of funds. We are pleased that
the result of our partnership with Severstal and Yandex.Cashier at
entrepreneurs appeared fast and comfortable way of making payments
to ensure that it is a classic of procurement to business. In addition, we
are actively developing the loyalty program Business Bonus and provided to the holders
business cards new solutions, such as b2b program, which
was Severstal, which help to reduce the costs of companies and
more effectively manage the financial flow," says Jemal Agrba,
head of development commercial products and sales
Mastercard in the region-growing European markets.

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