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MMK environmental activities brought the company a victory in the competition

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The winner of the competition in the same category was another enterprise of MMK Group – Magnitogorsk hardware and sizing plant "MMK-METIZ". The contest was filed by 52 companies from 21 regions of Russia, employing almost half the workforce in the mining and metallurgical complex.
Permanent reduction and prevention of harmful effects on the environment is one of the main elements of a strategy for long-term and sustainable development of the CMI. The environmental programme of JSC "MMK" covers all production processes and aim to introduce the best available technologies to reduce impacts on the environment and ensuring ecological safety of technological processes.
the Plant is implementing the strategic initiative "Clean city", which implies that the complex index of air pollution in Magnitogorsk will decline by 2025 to 5 units, which corresponds to the state of "clean city". A key role in the achievement of goals should play in the construction of modern environmental protection equipment for new production facilities aglo-coke-blast processing. Their start will allow to retire units with outdated equipment: one sinter plant, five coke oven batteries, three blast furnaces.
cost of MMK environmental activities amounted in 2019, more than 8.7 billion rubles, of this amount, more than 5.3 billion – the cost of capital construction new and reconstruction of existing environmental protection facilities. By 2025 investment in the construction of environmental protection facilities will amount to 38.1 billion rubles, most of which (57%) will focus on measures to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.
the winners of the contest "Enterprise of mining and metallurgical complex with high social effectiveness" will be awarded with diplomas of the Department of metallurgy and materials of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, the Association of Industrialists of the mining and metallurgical complex of Russia and Mining-metallurgical trade Union of Russia. The winners of the industry competition will be recommended for participation in the competition to compete for the title "Russian organization of high social efficiency", implemented by the Russian government.
Department of information and public relations of OJSC "MMK"

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