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Ordering road plastic columns

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Ordering road plastic columns

security while driving a vehicle is a prerequisite in the construction of roads. This is widely used for a variety of traffic signal equipment. Plastic traffic bollards suitable for this purpose in the best way. They are available in different sizes. This can be both stationary and portable, depending on the application. The company "Topaz" https://topdor.ru/category/stolbiki-signalnye-dorozhnye-plastikovye/ specializiruetsya in the production of such columns.

selecting a plastic road of the bars from the manufacturer

One of the main features and operation of this traffic signal equipment is a special vandal-resistant coatings, reflective elements. It is through such reflective strips drivers can see the signs on the road in the dark. They also found a demand from public utilities. They are installed as fencing repaired part of the road that allows drivers to avoid the area.

in addition, these plastic bollards can be used in parks, playgrounds and other facilities where necessary to allocate territory to travel. Poles with rings are made for the protective tape. Traffic cone it is made using high-strength polymers, allowing to come into the desired shape after differential temperature regimes. They can be operated under the action of the rain or ultraviolet rays. The deformation of the product is excluded.


How to order bollards from the company "Topaz"

Products are manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of GOST. The range of models of tables SSU, C1, C2, C3. When you choose to focus on technical parameters, namely height, weight, wall thickness and other criteria. They are all listed on the description page for each type of traffic plastic tables. In the catalog models you can see the range and go to checkout on the website. You can get advice on the selection.

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