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BMZ visited the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

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July 24 OJSC "BMZ — holding management company "BMK" was visited by Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Roman Golovchenko. During the visit he got acquainted with the work of primary production and met with the employees of the company.

In the factory, the Prime Minister also held a meeting with participation of Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus, the leaders of the district, which considered the results of work for 6 months of the current year and the future prospects of the BMZ. So, it was announced that in January-June 2020 BMZ produced 1 million 250 thousand tons of steel. In the workshops it was recycled into various steel products (rolled, hot rolled pipes, steel cord and different kinds of wire) and sold to the consumers. More than 80% released in 2020, the factory of steel products shipped for export. Its geography for the reporting period consists of 49 countries. Leaders in the consumption of Belarusian steel products steel Russian Federation, Israel, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands.

&bsp;&bsp; As a major exporter, BMZ felt the impact of coronavirus on the global economy. The hardest pandemic struck metal production, in particular, the implementation of such costly goods as steel. Due to quarantine measures, many European consumers have either significantly reduced the volume of its purchases, or put on pause existing contracts. Now there is a process of market recovery. As a result, in July the company projected an increase in the production of steel cord more than 70% compared to the previous month, it should exceed 5&bsp;400 tons. Significant growth is expected at such positions as side burnished wire and steel wire.Overall, by the end of July, the company projected growth of steel production by 18% compared to the previous month. A positive trend is expected in terms of exports and the volume of the resulting revenue.

&bsp;&bsp; the Important point of the visit was the meeting with labor collective of the enterprise, which was attended by the representatives of all structural divisions of the plant. According to the Prime Minister, conversation with metallurgists was a dynamic and outspoken. Workers were concerned with a wide range of topics. So, parents of graduates was interested in what occupations are in demand in the future, young families clarified the possibility of obtaining support for the construction of housing. Relevant for the participants was the question of formation of tariffs for electricity due to the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

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