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JSC "Uralelectromed" reduced the cost of wire production using a nitrogen generator

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JSC "Uralelectromed" reduced the cost of wire production using a nitrogen generator

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk Region)

Copper Rod Production (PMK) of Uralelektromed JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex) has modernized the technological equipment in the wire production department. In particular, a new German-made N6-PSD 150 nitrogen generator was installed instead of the exhausted steam generator.

According to the head of the PMK Maxim Prosvetov, the new unit made it possible to reduce the costs of wire and core production, and increase the reliability of the automated line. and improve the quality of finished products.

The equipment is used in the section of the coarse drawing line from 4.5 to 1 mm and is designed to exclude copper oxidation during heat treatment (annealing), which gives it soft and plastic properties. The previous unit created a "steam jacket" that protects the wire from oxidation. However, the employees of the division had to periodically replace the heating elements, clean the steam chamber due to the formation of condensation, and periodically eliminate the oxidation of the wire due to condensate residues on its surface, which required additional costs. With the use of a nitrogen generator, these costs were eliminated. After the introduction of the nitrogen generator, consumers noted an improvement in the surface quality of the wire produced by JSC Uralelectromed.

As the senior technologist of PMK Sergey Shikhov said, the installed unit extracts nitrogen from the air. And then it directs the resulting gas into hermetically sealed annealing chambers to create a protective atmosphere in them, which prevents oxidation of the wire surface during heating.

The introduction of a nitrogen generator allowed production workers to increase the economic efficiency of the division. This unit with a capacity of 0.15 kW /h (the capacity of the steam generator was 22.5 kW /h), reduced electricity costs to 10 thousand kW per month.

PMK plans to install a similar generator in the middle drawing section wire with a diameter of 0.64-0196 mm in 2021.

Reference: JSC "Uralelectromed" is the largest manufacturer of copper wire rod and round copper wire in Russia, copper wire, non-insulated flexible and conductive copper conductors. Copper rod production shop was put into operation on October 1, 1999. It is equipped with a unique technological line "Cotirod" (USA), which produces copper wire rod, and a line for the production of copper round wire from the electrical company "Niehoff" (Germany). The production capacity of the workshop is 285 thousand tons of copper rod per year. The high quality of finished products is ensured by an effective integrated management system in the field of quality, ecology and labor protection operating at the enterprise.

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