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Conference "GOOD 2019": Intellectual volunteering, attracting resources and IT in charity

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Moscow hosted the fifth annual educational conference for foundations and NPOs "DOBRO 2019", organized by Dobro Mail.Ru, Metalloinvest and MegaFon.

More than 100 NPOs from 26 Russian cities discussed various ways to attract resources - from creative advertising campaigns to social entrepreneurship and interaction with businesses. The foundations also worked out their fundraising tasks together with mentors and intellectual volunteers from the companies.

The conference began with the educational block "Technologies (for) the development of NGOs", where experts analyzed new technological opportunities for attracting users to charity and working with data.

At the end of the day, an interactive session took place, where participants learned how to develop solutions for the needs of ten companies from different industries.

On the second day, NGOs, together with mentors and volunteers, were already working on their tasks in the field of IT and fundraising. The participants discussed new technological solutions, for example, the development of websites, applications and CRM systems. Some NGOs thought about a global change in their strategy in attracting resources, including discussing new formats of work with large donors and the transition to social entrepreneurship.

The conference was attended by representatives of the cities where Metalloinvest operates - they are city leaders who are able to independently solve local social problems, who have the skills of social design and resource attraction:

  • Ekaterina Ivanishina and Ekaterina Belyaeva (Stary Oskol) - the project "Rock for the Protection of Animals";
  • Vladimir Kazartsev and Ruslan Ermakov, Exhibition Center “Zhelezno!” (Stary Oskol) - project “150th anniversary of the periodic table of D.I. Mendeleev. Brainstorm";
  • Oksana Bogdanova, Tatiana Kovalenko, MBUDO "Center for extracurricular activities " (Gubkin), - project "A special workshop for RAF Lovely children in the pottery studio " Firebird ";
  • Nikolai Klyuchnikov and Anna Gushchina, Equality Autonomous Nonprofit Organization (Zheleznogorsk) - project "Career guidance for disabled children";
  • Stanislav Botsevichus, Svetlana Sergeeva (Novotroitsk) - project "Give a smile for children ”, prepared as part of Metalloinvest's corporate program“ Our City Initiatives ”.

“ The Dobro Conference proves its effectiveness and significance as a platform for exchanging experiences and training the non-profit sector on new technologies and skills, "commented Yulia Mazanova, Director of Social Policy and Corporate Communications at Metalloinvest." We see the results of productive interaction between the non-profit sector and business. Only by combining the efforts of all stakeholders can we ensure prosperity and sustainable development. the development of our cities ”.

“The main task that we have been solving this year is to teach foundations to speak the same language with business, so that together they launch win-win projects, solving both social and business problems. Business is ready to invest in solving social problems not only finances, but also intellectual resources, their expertise and technical capabilities. And we can see this by how intelligent volunteers from IT companies, advertising and creative agencies are actively involved in the work of NGOs, how companies begin to adapt their products for NGOs and make them inclusive. After the Dobro 2018 conference, Mail.ru Group allocated free cloud infrastructure for charitable foundations, and we hope that the project ideas born at this conference will also be implemented, "said the head of social projects at Mail.ru Group and Dobro Mail service. ru Sasha Babkina.

“The digitalization trend is a real challenge for most non-profit organizations. MegaFon updated its Charity Policy and invited our non-profit organizations to think about what technological solutions and projects could make their work more efficient. For our part, we are ready to help them with expertise and competencies in the field of digital technologies. So, at the conference, our staff helped the participants to understand what innovative opportunities exist for the non-profit sector, and how business solutions can be adapted for their purposes. We hope that the information and knowledge gained at DOBRO will allow NPOs to scale their activities and attract new supporters and partners, ”says Valentina Vatrak, Director for Corporate Development and Human Resources at Megafon PJSC.

Dobro Mail.ru (Mail.ru Group), MegaFon and Metalloinvest have been organizing the Dobro conference for the fifth year. Last year, it was held in the format of a hackathon, during which participants developed inclusive applications, programs for adaptation and career guidance for teenage orphans and graduates of orphanages, unified databases and CRM systems for processing applications to funds, etc.

For reference:

Metalloinvest views the concept of sustainable development as an integral part of the Company's long-term strategy and one

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