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Sale of gas heating boilers

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Sale of gas heating boilers

A good alternative to stove and electric heating is gas heating based on liquefied or natural gas. A gas boiler is ideal as the main unit used for heating purposes. The online store "Power of Heat" offers Gas boilers in Tver in a wide range. On the site you can see the models and choose the best option for operation. The company is an official dealer of leading manufacturers - Buderus, Viessmann. Large assortment of boilers. Service for gas boilers has been operating since 2020.

Types of gas boilers: how to buy the required model?

According to the type of installation, boilers are distinguished by wall and floor. Each of them has certain technical parameters. The gas boiler can be used both in private households and in industrial facilities. In this matter, the most important thing is the power of the unit. If the power exceeds 100 kW, then it is advisable to place such floor systems in enterprises. In order to increase capacity, they are sometimes combined into a system.

Floor and Wall Models

Floor-standing models include several elements - a heat generator, pipes, a pump for circulation and others.

All elements are collected in a single body in wall-mounted boiler models. The standard power of such units is 10 kW or more. The heated capacity, respectively, ranges from 100 and more square meters.

Ordering gas boilers in Tver

The range includes models that differ in such technical parameters as the number of circuits, power, heating area, type of combustion chamber, efficiency, type of placement, voltage. You should also pay attention to the manufacturer. Based on the criteria, you can choose a gas boiler model to suit your needs.

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