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Car delivery from the USA from "Atlantic Express Ukraine"

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Car delivery from the USA from "Atlantic Express Ukraine"

Buying a car at an American auction with delivery to Ukraine is one of the most popular and profitable ways to get a high-quality vehicle at a loyal price. Such services are provided by the "Atlantic Express Ukraine" company. Referring to the services of the company on the website http://atlanticexpress. com.ua/avto-iz-ssha-pod-klyuch/, you can get a car from the USA as quickly as possible in full accordance with the order.

Stages of car delivery from the USA

The very process of buying a car at an American auction is very laborious for an ordinary person. This issue requires well-coordinated and highly organized work. Therefore, the selection and delivery must be entrusted to a company that provides services at a professional level. In Ukraine, the "Atlantic Express" company has managed to recommend its services from a reliable side.

The main stages of cooperation with the company can be called:

  • Selecting a vehicle and checking it. Searches are carried out on the most popular American sites. Customers can choose from numerous lots until a purchase decision is made. This is followed by a vehicle check.
  • Purchase at an American auction. The company's specialists are familiar with the method of buying cars at auctions, so they will do everything in accordance with the requirements.
  • Car transportation to Ukraine. At any stage of delivery, the client can track the status of the cargo. This can be done using the vin code on the machine.
  • Registration of vehicle delivery insurance. This is an additional security measure that allows you to deliver the car without damage, dents or scratches.
  • Customs clearance, starting with the submission of documents and ending with the settlement of all issues at the border.
  • Vehicle forwarding. A comprehensive measure that provides not only full escort of the cargo, but also responsibility for its condition.
  • Broker services for registration of declarations and legal import of cars into the territory of Ukraine.
  • Compliance Certification.
  • Selection and purchase of spare parts, as well as high-quality repair work.

Thus, the company "Atlantic Express Ukraine" offers a wide range of services for clients in the search, transportation and customs clearance of cars from the USA.

Services of the company for the delivery of cars from the USA

You can get a consultation after filling out an application on the website. In addition to delivering and buying cars at auctions, the company has prepared a catalog of cars for ordering. On the site you can familiarize yourself with the terms of their purchase and the current cost Therefore, all Ukrainian motorists can pick up a car from available models for fast delivery.

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