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Artificial stone countertop

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Artificial stone countertop

The polished cut of many types of stones used for the manufacture of mainly household items (some minerals are quite successfully used by jewelers, for example, malachite), fascinates with its unusual pattern and color palette. It was this argument that was adopted as a basis by the manufacturers of the so-called artificial stone from the South Korean company Hanex. Strange as it may seem, artificial stone products aroused increased interest among furniture manufacturers. An excellent version of the countertop, the color (drawing) of which the customer chooses, is different:

  • High strength and durability.
  • Excellent sanitary performance.
  • Impervious to chemically active substances and high temperatures.

It should be noted the skill of the manufacturer. An artificial countertop is almost impossible to distinguish from a cut of natural stone, and a successful combination with the right tiles and color of the headset, and the interior of the kitchen takes on a very sophisticated look as a whole.

How to choose an artificial stone for your countertop

When choosing the best suitable type of artificial stone (there are several dozen options), you should contact the services of an official supplier of this finishing material to the domestic market. The options presented in the online catalog are classified:

  • By product thickness.
  • According to the originality of the drawing of the front part.

You can get an individual consultation directly on the resource https://rmik.pro/proizvoditeli/hanex . The site provides an option “order a call”, which can be used without any prior registration and providing personal data.

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