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Purchase of CBPB boards in the online store "Khata Kryta"

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Purchase of CBPB boards in the online store "Khata Kryta"

In the modern construction industry, new materials appear on a regular basis. One of these that appeared relatively recently, but managed to prove itself from a reliable side, is a cement-slab. The company "Khata Kryta" offers for sale DSP plate in a wide range.

DSP slabs: features of operation and characteristics

The main purpose of the DSP is to cover the walls of various buildings. Can also be used as a roofing or floor base. As we can see, the material is quite versatile. Therefore, it is widely in demand in construction to fulfill completely different goals and objectives. Among the features of using DSP slabs are:

  • The boards are sufficiently resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Thanks to their low moisture absorption, the boards cannot be infested with mold.
  • Due to their high resistance to frost, the boards can be used in harsh climatic conditions.
  • The stoves do not emit toxic substances during combustion.

As we can see, there are plenty of advantages for the operation of such stoves. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality building materials, namely a cement-bonded particle board, you can contact the specialists of the Khata Kryta company.

Advantages of ordering CBPB boards in the Khata Kryta company

  • Availability of a wide range of products in stock, which allows you to receive your order as quickly as possible.
  • Ability to make wholesale and retail purchase of products.
  • Special discounts for regular customers and business partners.
  • The assortment of DSP only of proven quality from leading Ukrainian manufacturers.
  • Affordable pricing policy through direct cooperation.
  • Possibility to arrange delivery to the cities of Ukraine. Delivery is free for residents of Kharkov.

Thus, you can make a purchase for DSP boards on the most favorable terms for all customers. If you have any questions about ordering and the availability of goods, you can contact the managers. They will give comprehensive advice on any questions.

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