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Fiberboard plates from the Trans Lok company

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Fiberboard plates from the Trans Lok company

Quality materials are used in the modern construction industry. If you need to level walls, erect internal wall partitions or provide sound insulation in a room, you can look at a material such as fiberboard. fibreboard from the Trans Lok company is a reliable solution for construction goals.

Features of the use of fiberboard boards

Fiberboard, due to its properties, is a versatile building material. There are enough areas of destination for its operation to speak of universality. In addition to being used in repair and finishing works, such a plate can be used as a coating for a laminate.

Furniture production can also be called one of the areas of application of the boards. In this case, fiberboard is used as a bottom for cabinets or the back wall of furniture. Due to its high dielectric properties, its operation is advisable for heating panels and electrical panels. As we can see, fiberboard boards are used in completely different industries. This explains their relevance.

Types of fibreboard

There are two types: polished and veneered plates. Each of them has a number of advantages and operational features. Thus, veneer boards are an ideal solution for the manufacture of cabinet furniture. Their distinctive feature is resistance to moisture, as well as long-term preservation of appearance and properties. Customers can order any kind depending on the area of ​​use.

Ordering fiberboard boards from Trans Lok

The Trans Lok company has been operating in the construction services market for 15 years, supplying not only wood-panel materials, but also performing a range of production, warehouse and logistics services.

The company's employees also specialize in providing such demanded services as cutting, edging, varnishing and veneering. Thanks to our own production facilities, warehouses and a large vehicle fleet, cooperation with the company is beneficial in all respects.

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