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PJSC MMK pays special attention to the safety of young workers

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The category "young worker" in this case includes employees of PJSC MMK of blue-collar occupations of all ages with less than one year of work experience at the enterprise in a working profession. Every year, hundreds of graduates of higher and secondary educational institutions come to the plant and the PJSC MMK Group vocational education. In addition, a large number of employees are trained in additional professions, move to work in other divisions in a new specialty. The company values ​​such workers and takes care of them. As Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of PJSC MMK, noted: “It is very important for us that young workers gain a foothold at the plant and can fully reveal their professional and creative potential. In the development of young employees, we see the key to a successful future of the enterprise, its new opportunities and prospects. ”At the same time, it is precisely such employees who are in a high-risk zone, since, when entering a new job at a hazardous production facility,“ young ”workers do not know the intricacies of technological processes , safety requirements and rules and, therefore, are not yet able to fully assess the risks surrounding them. This is also evidenced by the statistics, according to which workers who have worked from one month to a year are most often injured at enterprises - this category accounts for more than 20% of all injuries. For the above reasons, MMK pays special attention to working with young workers in the field of labor protection. Ensuring the safety of this category of workers is carried out on a systematic basis in several areas. First of all, in production they are visually distinguished from other workers with the help of overalls and green helmets with distinctive symbols. So that each newly hired worker acquires the skills of safe work methods, masters the requirements, rules and instructions on labor protection and studied the technological process, a highly qualified employee - mentor is assigned to him for a year. The mentor is empowered to carry out labor education of young workers. These powers allow him to control the safe handling of a young worker with tools, raw materials and materials, together with the administration to create favorable working conditions for him and opportunities for professional development. Mentors of young workers are required to monitor the correctness of the work techniques and show how to safely carry out various production operations. Mentors are motivated - at the end of the year, the division's commission determines the best mentors and rewards them. Instruction and training in labor protection play an important role in the prevention of industrial injuries. All employees who come to work at PJSC MMK undergo an introductory briefing, where they get acquainted with working conditions, legislative and other regulations on labor protection, providing employees with personal and collective protection equipment from harmful and hazardous production factors. For clarity, the introductory briefing takes place in video format. Video instruction combines studio and location filming at MMK sites using 3D graphics, special effects and animation of objects and characters, which allows you to create the illusion of interactivity and direct participation of the instructed in what is happening. In addition, each young worker at his workplace is given a primary briefing and initial theoretical training in OSH instructions in force in PJSC MMK and in the corresponding production unit, specifics and safe methods of new work under the guidance of a mentor during the first month. Young workers are trained at the Safety School according to the specially developed program Safety". The Safety School, operating at MMK since 2018, is a unique training ground for practicing safe work skills. Here the skills of working in a gas environment, providing first aid to the victim, extinguishing fires, the basics of high-altitude work, etc. are practiced. Such a training ground corresponds to the best world practices and in many respects has no analogues in the region and in the country. Also in training, virtual reality technologies are used, which are used to identify violations and identify dangerous actions at various locations. The goal of training young workers at the School of Safety is to develop basic skills for safe work, prevent errors, improve safety at work and reduce industrial injuries. with young workers on the prevention of industrial injuries - the key to the successful achievement of the strategic goals of PJSC MMK in the field of labor protection, fire and industrial safety. Among them: achieving zero injuries, leading positions among metallurgical companies in key indicators in the field of occupational health and safety, improving production culture and personal commitment of personnel to comply with safety requirements.
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