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"UMMC-Developer" discussed the future of Kazantsev's garden and "Yekaterinburg-City" with public figures and experts

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"UMMC-Developer" discussed the future of Kazantsev's garden and "Yekaterinburg-City" with public figures and experts

The developer "UMMC-Zastroyshchik" held a meeting with architects, representatives of the Yekaterinburg administration, experts and representatives of urban communities, at which the future of a unique architectural monument - a museum of the history of fruit gardening of the Middle Urals (the estate and garden of D. I. Kazantsev) was discussed as part of quarter "Yekaterinburg-City", as well as proposals of urban communities to create a park inside the site.

The meeting took place right on the territory of the Kazantsev garden on the street. October Revolution, 40. Coordinators of the "Real History" social movement Marina Sakharova and Vladislav Golovatsky, representatives of the "Peaceful residents" movement Alexey Kofman and Ekaterina Lakhtikova, representative of the Urban Projects fund for urban development Elena Osieva, head of the landscape bureau " Gree Park ”Yulia Sorokina, Honored Architect of Russia Mikhail Vyatkin, Chairman of the Board of the Sverdlovsk Branch of Russian Architects Sergey Aleinikov, Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg for Construction Rustam Galyamov, Head of the Urban Environment Design Department - Dmitry Fogel, Chief Architect - Andrey Molokov and heads of the Kazantsev Museum-Garden, scientists - agronomists and ecologists.

General Director of UMMC-Zastroyshchik Yevgeny Mordovin told what kind of landscaping project could be implemented in the new concept of Yekaterinburg-City, how to fit Kazantsev's garden into it and minimize either eliminate the risks that future development may cause to create for a valuable collection of fruitful trees.

“We are grateful to all the participants of today's meeting for their caring attitude to the city and striving to make it even better” - said Evgeny Mordovin.

Recall developed by UMMC - Developer "and the new concept of the quarter, adopted in July by the Architectural and Urban Planning Council of Yekaterinburg, assumes that" Yekaterinburg-City "will become multi-level. The upper level - 4 skyscrapers dominated by the "Iset Tower", the middle - a public space for walking, shopping and recreation with low-rise buildings and a gastromall (total length of streets - 3,200 m). On the third, underground level, there will be service zones and a single underground parking for 4,200 cars. So 30% of the project area will become a place to live, 30% - for work, and 40% - public spaces for recreation and entertainment.

At the same time, cultural heritage sites located on the site, including Kazantsev's Garden, will be saved. The OKNs are supposed to be united into a historical and cultural cluster - they can house museums, an educational center, classes for classes with children and much more.

Proposals of urban communities

Social activists and scientists are afraid of the main thing - the appearance of new objects, including skyscrapers, along the perimeter of the Kazantsev garden, as well as underground parking, can irreparably change the hydrological regime, insolation regime and other conditions familiar to plants, as a result of which they will quickly die.

“The preservation of a monument - a building and a monument - a garden - are fundamentally different things. The building can be reconstructed and restored to its historical appearance. But a garden is an established ecosystem, it is almost impossible to restore it. Old-age apple trees and other plants for which Kazantsev's garden is famous are accustomed to the regime of hydrology and insolation that exists now. Strong shading of the site and flooding of the site should not be allowed (during construction along the perimeter of the garden, it will literally be in a pit where rainwater will constantly drain). It is necessary to do so as to preserve the current conditions as much as possible, "says Galina Skomorokhova, head of the garden and landscape bureau Generous Agronomist.

Leading engineer of the L.I. to include an important factor in the calculations: if the skyscrapers are located too close to the garden, they will generate air currents, which can cause hypothermia in the plants.

“The initiative to organize a historical and cultural park in this place with putting it on state protection has been discussed for several years. Earlier, even petitions were submitted to the city authorities for the appearance of such an object, which received a total of more than 5,000 votes. The idea is in the air. Perhaps the time has come to implement it, "says Vladislav Golovatsky.

The project to create a park on the territory of Yekaterinburg City by analogy with Cetral Park in New York, proposed by the Civilians movement, just received wide discussion at the meeting.

Aleksey Kofman, “Civilians”: “We came to such a project after looking at city planning standards. There are indicators such as the provision of districts and microdistricts with public facilities, including parks within walking distance. According to them, Yekaterinburg lags behind the standards many times, specifically the city center lags behind three times. Given the current population density, there should be 6 m of parkland per person, but this density will increase with the appearance of new objects.

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