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Bag in Box packaging

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Bag in Box packaging

Today, there is a fairly large number of packaging containers, depending on the goals and objectives of production. Particular attention should be paid to packaging Bag in box (Bag in box) . This is a modern high-tech type of packaging, which is presented in the form of a multilayer bag in a rigid shell.

Container Features Bag in Box

The main advantages of this type of packaging material are flexibility and strength. It has a drain and opening system that allows you to easily remove the contents of the bag. Due to the fact that the packaging is made of high-strength polyethylene, the quality of the products inside the bag remains at a high level. This ensures the maximum shelf life after opening. The presence of a special tap allows the products to be bottled as safely as possible.

The box is completely protected from air ingress, as well as from direct sunlight. All this serves as additional benefits to preserve the beneficial properties of the product inside the package.

Types of packaging Bag in Box : how to find the right one

Depending on the areas of operation, there are several types of packaging:

  • For retail applications. These are boxes with a capacity of 2, 3, 5, 10 liters made of metallized material.
  • For the Horeca sphere, containers of 10, 20, 22 liters of transparent material.
  • For liquid filling in the industrial sector. This is a container with a capacity of 220 liters. It is based on PE or PA material.

Ordering containers from Tekhnologiya

The company specializes in the supply of Bag in Box packages for various areas. The company's products are widely demanded for both food and industrial applications. Speaking about the operation in the food industry, we can note the expediency of using it for storage and bottling of dairy products, juices, water, sauces, and wine. Also, such packaging is used for bottling household chemicals.

The specialists of JSC "Technology" also offer a large selection of accessories for packaging. She is also an experienced material lamination expert. You can learn more about the services on the website.

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