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Industrial oil for machine tools and equipment

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Industrial oil for machine tools and equipment

In machine tools and equipment, transmission units of which imply the transmission of rotational force at a given angular speed from the gearbox of the power unit, special lubricating compositions are used. Designated in engineering and technical reference books as industrial oils, they serve for:

  • Reducing the friction force between engaging parts and assemblies.
  • Decrease in temperature values ​​of thermal energy caused by increased frictional force.
  • Extending or preserving the service life and performance of equipment.

As a rule, the brand and type of such oil is indicated in the technical documentation of the equipment manufacturer, but quite often a situation arises when this information (for one reason or another) is not available to the technologist (owner) of the enterprise.

Preliminary online consultation when choosing an industrial oil

You can choose an industrial oil of the desired brand without exact information about which option is suitable for a particular type of machine or equipment using the official website of a company that supplies this type of fuel directly from enterprises of well-known world manufacturers.

On the resource https://top-dealer.com.ua/catalog/masla/masla-industrialnye in addition to the opportunity to buy industrial oils, there is an available for all interested buyers option "Consultation of a specialist". An experienced technologist, taking into account the information provided by the client, will help you choose the best option for industrial oil. They are in a large assortment presented on the pages of the resource catalog. Registration of the purchase and delivery of the type of product selected after consultation with a specialist is carried out directly on the site.

First, let's take a look at what we are trying to achieve with lubrication. In the microscopic layer itself, regardless of the equipment, we are simply trying to separate two opposite moving metal surfaces with a very thin layer of oil. By keeping your grease dry and free of contamination, we extend its life and help protect your equipment. It's a simple concept and, when applied correctly, can provide many benefits for protecting your critical assets and keeping your business up and running.

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