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Remote loan

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Remote loan

A global pandemic has served as a trigger for the implementation in practice of all new projects related to the enormous potential of the Internet:

  • The majority of the population has gadgets to access the virtual space.
  • Transfer of office employees of commercial companies and firms to a remote (home) work format.
  • Entering restrictions on customer service in banking and financial institutions.

All this contributed to the organization of a higher level in such a rather demanded service as a private loan or credit card . On the official Internet portal of the "Groshik" company, it really wears the most real remote format and is called "Money Credit". You will definitely not have to leave home to collect a package of documents required by other banks.

The simplest algorithm for obtaining a loan

Credit portal "Groshik" was developed and launched primarily for users experiencing the so-called need: "Get over the money before the paycheck." But, any client can count on the possibility of a loan of a larger amount of money (up to 100 thousand hryvnia). Even before registration, each visitor to the portal has the opportunity to independently carry out all the necessary calculations. To do this, he needs:

  • Go to the main page of the official website.
  • Set the required amount using the online calculator scale.
  • Set the maturity date on the calendar.

The calculation will be presented instantly and, if the conditions for the interest rate are quite satisfactory, you can proceed to registration. The main requirements for each client, there are only 2 of them:

  • The borrower reaches 20 years of age.
  • Availability of Ukrainian citizenship.

Passport (page with photo) and citizen identification number must be scanned in advance and it is best to save it in file format on electronic media (PC hard drive, flash drive, phone memory). You also need a valid bank card of a financial institution (bank) officially registered in Ukraine, issued in the name of the borrower and 20 minutes of free time (waiting for confirmation of loan approval and receipt of funds on the card).

Using a mobile gadget

An additional convenience is that online credit Groshik is available for registration using a mobile gadget that has the ability to access the Internet. You can get a loan, for example, to buy a thing you like with a shortage of personal funds, directly in the shopping center over a cup of aromatic tea or coffee.

For clients who timely repay the first loan and apply to Groshik again, a system of discounts is provided. It provides for a decrease in the value of the interest rate of the loan with each new application. Details can be found by phone from the portal manager, the number is indicated on the main page of the official website. You can also negotiate with him the possibility of early repayment or changes in the terms of payments, which are carried out directly on the resource in the appropriate section.

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