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Severstal introduced technology for intelligent analysis of business processes

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has implemented the ItelligetBusiess Cloud by Celois tool, which continues the development of SAP ProcessMiig by Celois for procurement management (SAP P2P) and supplier management (SAP SRM). The solution complements the previously configured dashboards with a notification system using predictive analytics and a KPI management system.

Itelliget Busiess Cloud by Celois allows you to build a continuous system for optimizing business processes through the use of machine learning algorithms, setting up intelligent notifications and automating the actions of ERP system users. ... As a result, in one analytical tool, the reconstruction and visualization of the business process, its operational analysis and optimization, as well as the monitoring of indicators to assess process changes in real time are performed. Forecasting is carried out with an accuracy of over 90% and is based on more than 35 features. The KPI management system has combined more than 50 procurement process indicators on one screen, and their analysis has become more convenient and dynamic.

“Effective and transparent business processes are a necessary component for achieving strategic goals and introducing new digital solutions. Through the joint efforts of our internal team, PwC and colleagues from SAP, we have managed to significantly develop a system that allows us to analyze and optimize the procurement and supplier management process in real time. The use of predictive analytics and a notification system for undesirable events has made procurement management even more efficient, "commented Dmitry Sakhno, Director of Raw Materials Sales and Procurement at Severstal.

" Today, with the help of SAP Process Miig by Celois, Severstal sees processes in digital form, details them to the lowest level and has the ability to quickly respond in real time. When using the solution, it is possible to reduce costs by up to 15%, minimize inefficient operations in processes and identify factors of disturbances. Together with Severstal, we plan to further develop the system for optimizing the company's business processes. In particular, it is planned to supplement it with modern robotization tools, which will correct errors in processes without human intervention or notify specialists about the need to take certain measures, ”said Alexey Leontovich, Deputy General Director of SAP CIS.

Grigory Borisenko, Head The PwC Russia Process Miig Competence Center, whose team helped in the implementation of the project, noted that the most advanced technologies are quickly becoming available in cloud services, which makes companies, in their striving for development, more flexible in their approach to the use of clouds. For cloud technology to work securely, a well-coordinated work of many teams is required: from the business customer and information security, to technical architects and representatives of the cloud solution provider.

Now the Celois system is used by more than 150 people from different business divisions of Severstal and their number continues to grow. The company plans to deploy the system to new processes, expanding predictive analytics and creating new smart notifications and automation solutions.

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