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ESAB has released new hobby class welding machine

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ESAB has released new hobby class welding machine
Фото: ESAB

ESAB, one of the leaders in the production of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting, has announced the launch of a new hobby-class portable device for manual arc welding on the Russian market. The launch of Rogue ET and Rogue ES is scheduled before the end of winter.
The novelty weighs from 6.8 to 8.2 kg, depending on the model, and operates from a 230 V power supply. Automatic voltage compensation makes it possible to use it both from the mains and from the generator, and the operating cycle of the device at 200 A is 25%, which allows it to perform welding of thick-walled materials.
The Rogue welding machine is suitable for welding professionals and for amateur welders. It provides stable arc operation and minimal spatter with all types of coated electrodes for manual arc welding and in any spatial position.
The adjustable Hot Start makes it easier to ignite an arc with difficult electrodes, and the controlled Arc Pressure (Arc Force) helps to increase penetration and prevents sticking of the electrode.
The stability of the arc makes it possible to use extension cords and work even in the most remote places without the risk of deterioration of the weld quality. In addition, the interface of the device is equipped with a large digital display, the readings of which can be seen from a distance of several meters.
In addition, the Rogue PRO series is equipped with Power Factor control (PCM) technology that protects the welding process from power fluctuations. And the possibility of remote control allows you to adjust the current settings without approaching the welding machine.
The body of the device is made of molded fiberglass-the material is reliable and durable, successfully withstands blows in the shop or in the field. The IP23S degree of protection allows you to perform tasks in harsh outdoor environments.
Unlike other welding machines in this class, the complete set of the Rogue machine includes premium accessories: a remote control, a Handy 200 A electrode holder, a pedal with an 8-pin connector, TIG burners, etc. All this allows you to start welding immediately after unpacking the machine.
"The new ESAB manual arc welding machine differs from its hobby-class counterparts in performance, endurance and stability. In the Russian DIY market, there is no equipment with such technical characteristics, especially at an affordable price. For example, its power is comparable to the power of devices that cost twice as much. It is perfectly suitable for suburban construction and auto repair, " says Alexey Belikov, Head of Welding Materials at ESAB Russia and CIS.

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