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ESAB and RG-Techno: At the beginning of glorious deeds!

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ESAB, one of the leaders in the production of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting, has supplied more than 20 sets of semi-automatic welding machines to the enterprise of the domestic manufacturer of special equipment "RG-Techno".

RG-Techno is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of special equipment for the collection and transportation of premium-class waste, which integrates European technology and creates a local product based on it that fully meets international standards. One of the main products is mounted garbage collection equipment, which makes it possible to use municipal vehicles more efficiently. This is achieved due to a highly efficient pressing system, which reduces the amount of waste.

The need to update the machine park and improve the quality of cutting processes formed the basis of the project to modernize the equipment at the RG-Techno enterprise in Lyubertsy. The project ended with the successful implementation of a set of ESAB solutions in this area.
Thus, the company installed multifunctional semi-automatic welding machines ESAB Warrior 400i CC/CV for industrial applications at 400/500 amps with the possibility of solid wire arc welding (MIG/MAG), powder wire arc welding (FCAW), piece coated electrode arc welding (MMA), argon arc welding with a non-melting electrode (TIG), as well as for air-arc gouging with a carbon electrode (Arc Gouging).

All semi-automatic welding machines are equipped with a wire feed mechanism ESAB Warrior Feed 304w and water cooling units ESAB COOL 2 Cooling Unit, which provide cooling of the burners, increasing the comfort of the welder. ESAB COOL 2 Cooling Unit increases the possible production of equipment, while reducing the amount of consumables.

To increase the efficiency of manual plasma cutting, the Cutmaster 80 installation was purchased for production, covering the working area in a radius of up to 30 m, and the maximum cutting thickness reaches 38 mm.

Thanks to ESAB solutions, RG-Techno will be able to increase the productivity and quality of the manufactured product, as well as reduce the cost of processing after welding.

"The equipment supplied to the RG-Techno enterprise has long established itself as reliable and easy to handle. For many years, our customers have chosen it for its functionality and high performance. This project is a great opportunity to lend a shoulder to a domestic manufacturer, provide conditions for growth, development and strengthening of its position in the market, " says Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB Russia and the CIS.

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